MintCFD Trading App

MINTCFD provides a secure, easy-to-use online stock trading platform. This stock trading tool allows you to keep track of your investments online.

Discover the world of mobile trading in the palm
of your hand with MintCFD app

Access over 200 plus of the worlds most popular markets, including equities, indices, commodities, FX and cryptocurrencies.

We offer tight spreads, high-speed order administration and at a minimum volume with access to the world’s leading financial markets. MintCFD doesn’t charge any brokerage and has no hidden charges.

We send live market updates and price notification on a regular basis to stay upto speed with accurate prices.

How Trading with MintCFD is easier?

With just one MintCFD registration, you get access to multiple trading platforms like Metatrader5, Ark Trader and Web Trader. Now, MintCFD is available through the Best Trading Mobile App and the best Trading Website.

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Stock Trading
Indian and US Stocks


Cryptocurrency Trading
Bitcoin & Ethereum


Index Trading
Major global indices


Commodity Trading
Gold, Silver, Crude oil etc.

Financial Analysis:

MintCFD offers trading tools to analyse the complex charts and get detailed insights of the trading possibilities. These market charts and indicators helps to recognise trends and facilitate decision making.

Smart Risk Analysis

MintCFD provides a range of risk management solutions. One can put stop losses to monitor and control the risks. Take-profit can be used to withdraw the winnings from any sudden price movements.

Also, by going long or short using CFDs, allows to stay flexible and hedge bets.

In cases when market goes against the open positions, MintCFD protects from negative balance by closing the impacted trade.