About MintCFD

MINTCFD is a Intraday Trading platform for Stock, Commodity, Forex and Crypto. Our goal is to make investing as simple and transparent as possible. On this channel, we discuss everything about investing, including stocks and mutual funds. MINTCFD provides a secure, easy-to-use online stock trading platform. This stock trading tool allows you to keep track of your trading online.

About MintCFD

A new name, a new way to trade…

MINTCFD was born from a simple belief that customers deserve better. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already an active trader, you can be sure that you’ll be supported on every step of your trading journey. Our transparent, customer-first approach will change the way you engage with the financial markets.

We are a passionate bunch: a mix of all ages and nationalities, some with many years of experience and others who are new to the world of trading. We all have one thing in common – we want to shake up this industry and do things differently by putting our customers’ needs before our own.

Multi-asset trading platform

MINTCFD is a multi-asset trading platform for Stock, Commodity, Cryptocurrency and Index. MINTCFD provides an enhanced trading experience and a Customer-First Approach.

Secure online trading

At MINTCFD, a secure online trading system, essential trading tools and our dedicated customer support are our commitment to the traders.

Own your future with MINTCFD


Decide your investing capacity prior to making a deposit and utilize the guidance of our expert advisors to safeguard your investment.


Open an account in less than ten minutes; buy and sell stocks in a single click through the trading application, on your smartphone/computer.


No commissions or charges on account maintenance, your profits are solely dependent on your ability to time profitable trades.


Instant deposits/withdrawals and 24*7 customer service makes MINTCFD the most transparent broker from the get-go.

Our Products and Services

Here’s a quick look at the extensive range of products and services that Mint CFD offers:


Investing in the stock market provides greater returns during periods of inflation compared to other types of assets. This allows investors to keep up with their lifestyles without cutting their spending, even as commodity prices rise gradually. With MINTCFD, users can enjoy trading benefits such as;

Mandates for a Healthy Portfolio

Reliable Broker

Diversified Portfolio

Timing the Market

Cost-Effective Trading

“Stock price movements actually begin to reflect new developments before it is generally recognized that they have taken place.” –Arthur Zeikel.