Margin Trading

An act of borrowing money from a broker to trade stocks, selling the stocks with a profit margin and settling the broker after a successful trade is termed as Margin Trading.

What is Margin Trading?

In Margin Trading, traders get to hold larger positions or buy more assets than their actual deposit would otherwise allow.

Started with Intraday trading communities, now Margin Trading is getting relaxed in terms of time duration and becoming applicable to all modes of trading.

MTF or Margin Trading Facility account offers resources to get more number of stocks, with the limited capital one deposits. Keeping it as a collateral, the broker lends the extra money.


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How to start Margin Trading?

  • Request for a Margin Trading account
  • Get yourself registered and verified
  • Deposit an amount as Minimum Margin in your account
  • Get the additional amount
  • Trade stocks of your choice
  • Maintain the Minimum Margin
  • Close the trade at the end of the session
  • Square off the trade by settling the broker
  • Cash out your profit

How to do Margin Trading?

This mode is purely for those who look for trading in short term and don’t have enough cash to support their trade. If the market understanding is convincing and you expect a profit with a specific amount, there is nothing better than Margin Trading.

Profit is acquired through buying a stock for a price and selling it for a better price. Look at the instance given below to understand the holistic process of Margin Trading.

You have $10 to trade. Assume that Tesla offers one share for $1. With your capital, you can get only 10 shares. However, you want to get 50 shares. Through a Margin trading account, you can avail $40 (80% of your entire trade value). With the total of $50, you can trade 50 shares of Tesla.

If the Tesla share value goes from $1 to $2, you would get $100 ($50 x2). Then, at the end of the trade, you settle the broker his $40 and his fees of $1. Take out your initial deposit of $10. The remaining $49 is your profit from the trade.

Without using the Margin trading account and with just your capital of $10, you would get the final profit of $10.

Key Advantages of Margin Trading:

  • Best option for short-term
  • Better returns, ahead of inflation
  • Improved rate of return
  • Greater purchase power
  • Flexible payment schedules
  • Profitable returns

You can start Margin Trading, by opening your free account in just 4 minutes. You are just a click away from joining the best site for Margin Trading.

FTD bonus- 5% of total deposit can be availed upon FTD

Campaign bonus- Get 10% of winnings of Demo ID upon FTD

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